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Rome-Amalfi Tour of Italy

Brescia10 daysThe Rome-Amalfi Tour of Italy is a suggested itinerary with departure in Milan and arrival in Rome, and has a duration of 10 days. A La Carte Italy Tours offers you the unique option to enjoy the beautiful sights from a minivan Italy tour with your very own chauffeur who doubles as your private guide as well. The guided tour is an exciting way to explore the many wonders of the country taking you to such scenic locations such as Brescia, Rome and the beautiful Amalfi coast.

This tour features many beautiful sights of Italy, with detailed visits of Brescia, Amalfi, and Tivoli. Highlights of this tour include a Rome city tour, a visit to the ancient city of Herculaneum, a scenic drive along Mt. Vesuvius, and a boat cruise to the island of Ischia. If you are looking for a health package with thermal spa baths, there are several possible stops in famous Italian spas along the way, and these stops can be short or long according to your wishes. This itinerary may be nicknamed "Italy revisited", or "Italy out of the beaten track", or "Italian thermal spas and tourism". This tour assumes that you have already visited (or intend to visit in the future) Tuscany, Milan, Rome and the Vatican;italy luxury private tour guide that is why little or no time is granted to these areas.

This privately guided and chauffeured tour in Italy can be redesigned to suit your specific interests, needs or timeframe. Unless you wish otherwise, your guide will take you to:

Milan - Brescia - Bagno di Romagna - Tivoli - Ostia Antica - Herculaneum - Positano - Amalfi Coast - Paestum - Velia - Sorrento - Ischia - Mt Vesuvius - Caserta - Rome

Positano Rome-Amalfi Tour Map
The Amalfi Coast offers spectacular views over incredible villages

Rome-Amalfi Tour of Italy - 10 Day Itinerary
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Suggested itinerary with departure from Milan and arrival in Rome (Rome-Amalfi Italy)
porter 2 travelers minivan Your very own chauffeur picks you up from Milan international airport. We assume you have already visited Milan in the past (if not, see one of our other tours, i.e. Best of Italy or North West Italy). But you probably had missed the Museo Civico di Archeologia; the guide of A La Carte™ Italy Tour will show you this former monastery housing ancient jewelry and mosaics. Then, travel 60 miles to Brescia, formerly the Roman castrum of Brixia. Pope Paul VI and pianist Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli come from Brescia. 2 nights in Brescia.
  • L D A*

Experience a guided tour of the Museo Civico di Archeologia. In Milan, your tour guide will take you to the Archaeological Museum, which is located in an ancient convent. Here you can view the story of Mediolanum and the Etruscans.
minivan 2 travelers guide sea A gentle day unwinding in Brescia, and discovering its interesting history. Your A La Carte Italy Tours guide will show you through the city's castle, the foundations of which date back to the Roman times. The Luigi Marzoli museum displays fascinating arms and armour. A walk in the historic city of Brescia will lead us to the Roman theater at the Tempio Capitolino (73 AD). The Duomo Nuovo ("New Cathedral") and Duomo Vecchio ("Old Cathedral"), in Palladian and Romanesque styles, house beautiful sacred paintings and frescoes. The Piazza della Loggia is a Renaissance square is the site of the town hall built in 1492. Time permitting, we can head to Lake Garda, 30 miles away, for a scenic drive. 2nd night in Brescia.
  • B L D A*

Tour the old, narrow streets of Brescia. Travel to Brescia, and view the Venetian-Visconti castle which is known as the "Falcon of Italy" due to its prominent hillside location. Walk through Brescia's historic city centre and visit the Tempio Capitolino, the Romanesque Duomo Vecchio, and the Renaissance square Piazza Della Loggia.
Bagno di Romagna:
minivan guide 2 travelers vatican After breakfast, your A La Carte™ Italy Tour driver takes you to Bagno di Romagna, 200 miles away. This is an ancient Roman spa resort in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. Time to relax in the spa and hot waterfalls, we can also sightsee: 1000-year old Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, Palazzo del Capitano (15th century; interesting exhibition about the morphology and geology of the area). Overnight in Bagno di Romagna.
  • B L D A*

Let your private guide show you the 1000-year old church di Santa Maria Assunta. In Bagno di Romagna, enjoy relaxing in spas and hot waterfalls. You can also visit the Palazzo del Capitano, and the 1000-year old church di Santa Maria Assunta built in Venetian-Byzantine style.
sedan mountain lake 2 travelers guide Enjoy more of the spa and hot waterfalls before leaving Bagno di Romagna. Travel through the Umbria region of Italy to Tivoli, near Rome. Visit Villa Adriana (Hadrian's Villa) in Tivoli. This is a is a large Roman archaeological site. Your A La Carte™ Italy Tour leader will explain that it was built as a country residence for the Roman Emperor. It is, in fact, a group of 30 buildings the ruins of which now cover an area of 260 acres. A grotto and a pool are still in good shape, as are some theatrical masks or art works excavated on site. Modern thermal baths are available in Tivoli, if you wish. 2 nights in Tivoli.
  • B L D A*

Enjoy a tour of the 2nd century architecture at Hadrian's villa. Your private tour of Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli will allow you to experience the luxury of classical 2nd century buildings with elements of Greek, Roman and Egyptian heritage within an expansive garden setting.
2 travelers guide7 Spend the day relaxing in the thermal baths of Tivoli, or visit Rome. The Roman Coliseum (also called Colosseum or, in Italian, Colosseo) was built in 70 AD. It is an amphitheater. It could originally seat 80,000 people. It was used for gladiatorial games and other large scale shows in Roman times. Nearby, the Fori Imperiali (Roman Forum) is a group of contemporary temples' and basilicas' ruins. The Arch of Constantine is younger: built in 315 AD. Your A La Carte Italy Tours private guide will talk at length about its artwork and relief panels. The Palatine Hill is the next stop on our walk. The legend says that the Lupercal was located here. The Lupercal is the cave where Romulus and Remus, the mythological founders of Rome, were found by the female wolf that nursed them. See the Bocca della Verita ("Mouth of Truth"). According to popular belief, if you place your hand in the mouth of this face carving and say a lie at that time, your fingers will be chopped off! Your walk takes you later to the Capitol Square (Campidoglio). It is a group of Museums on top of the Capitoline Hill. It is said that the first Romans settled the city from here in prehistoric times. The current Renaissance style buildings were mostly designed by Michelangelo. Your travel in time continues as we walk to the Trevi Fountain. This baroque construction dates back to 1732, but is fed by a much older canal, which is over 2,000 years old. Climb the Spanish Steps, so named because they led to a small Spanish enclave in Rome. 2nd night in Tivoli.
  • B L D A*

Tour one of Rome's most famous landmarks; the Coliseum. Experience a guided tour of the remains of the ancient Roman Coliseum. This stone amphitheatre was built in 70AD and used for gladiator games and shows. Nearby, you can also visit the contemporary temples of the Fori Imperiali.
mountains lake birds 2 travelers guide Discover the Roman remains of Ostia Antica, the harbor city of ancient Rome: warehouses, baths, sanctuaries and also the oldest synagogue in Europe, dating back to 41 AD. Let your A La Carte™ Italy Tour chauffeur drive you to ancient Greek settlement Herculaneum founded by Hercules. Herculaneum was founded by Hercules, and destroyed in the same eruption that annihilated Pompeii in 79 AD. We prefer to take our clients to Herculaneum (Ercolano in Italian) as if offers a more compact and less crowded picture than Pompeii. The ruins are impressive. See the ancient baths with their mosaic pavement, the changing rooms, frescoed ceilings and imagine the life here until the eruption of 79 AD. 4 nights in Positano.
  • B L D A*

Tour the ancient Roman town of Herculaneum. Your trip to the ancient Roman town of Herculaneum, which was destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD, will allow you to view the preserved remains of villas, pottery, mosaics, and carbonised furniture.
Amalfi coast:
san gimignano 2 travelers guide The Amalfi Coast is mainly made of rocky cliffs. Travel to the Amalfi township, which hangs in a spectacular way in a gorge dominated by the Mt Cerreto (4,000 feet). Its medieval narrow streets attract many visitors. It offers a unique mix of architectural styles reflecting the variety of cultures, which have been influenced by oriental civilizations since 6th century A.D. Amalfi is renowned for the huge lemons and the limoncello, a lemon liqueur. Your driver-guide will introduce you to churches (San Andrea) and museums, and drive you through spectacular natural features (gorge Vallone di Furore). 2nd night in Positano.
  • B L D A*

Your guided tour of Amalfi will take you to view the 9th Century Church of Saint Andrew. Travel to the town of Amalfi, and walk along its narrow medieval streets. View its unique mix of architecture including the 9th Century church of St Andrew which includes elements of Romanesque, Byzantine, Gothic, and Baroque design.
sedan 2 travelers guide sea Paestum was founded by Greeks in the 7th century BC. Explore it with your personal A La Carte Italy Tour guide. Three doric temples were standing here in 6th century BC, and you will have the opportunity to see the Neptune and Ceres temples with a historic commentary supplied by your guide. An amazing find: the oldest best preserved doric temples today. Besides these temples, little is known about its Greek past. Visit Roman ruins in Velia (Marina di Ascea, Cilento nature reserve). Also a Greek city, Velia had a famous school of philosophy 6 centuries BC. 3rd night in Positano.
  • B L D A*

The national park in Marina di Ascea is home to the remains of the ancient city of Velia. In the town of Marina di Ascea, you can enjoy a guided tour through the National Park of Cilento and see the remains of the city of Velia. Here, your guide will show you the ancient ruins of the town's Hellenistic Thermae, Acropolis, Agora and Roman Thermae. There are also remains of a Greek amphitheatre.
sedan 2 travelers guide trees Travel to Sorrento in your private A La Carte Italy Tours minivan. Sorrento historic city walk. Public gardens with view of the Bay of Naples. Cruise to Ischia. Discover that volcanic island with spectacular sights and pleasant climate. Natural spas and thermal mud are another attraction here (enjoy natural hot springs if you prefer to relax instead of sightseeing). With the help of your A La Carte™ Italy Tour guide, have a look at the castle, the Guevara Tower where Michelangelo stayed, the Soccorso Church. Return to Sorrento. 4th night in Positano
  • B L D A*

View Guevara's tower which was once home to Michelangelo. Enjoy a cruise to the volcanic island of Ischia and visit Guevara's Tower; a fortress-house built in 1433 and once lived in by the famous Renaissance artist, Michelangelo.
Mt Vesuvius:
2 travelers guide 1 suitcase A scenic drive on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius with panoramic views. On the way back to Rome in your private A La Carte™ Italy Tour minivan, let's stop in Caserta to see the Royal Palace, an enormous rectangular building sited around four courtyards interconnected by a spectacular vestibule, featuring the Queen's apartment (18th century). Drop-off at Rome international airport. This is the end of your "Rome-Amalfi Tour."
  • B L*

Mount Vesuvius is the only active volcano in mainland Italy. Experience a guided, scenic tour along the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, a strata-volcano famous for its eruption in 79 AD which destroyed the Roman cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii.
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