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Driver Guide A La Carte Italy Tours offers exclusively private driver-guide tours. All our tours are custom-made to suit your needs, tastes and dates, and are run on an exclusive basis. We never mix passengers who do not know each other.

Central Italy Tour

Pisa Leaning Tower10 daysThe Central Italy Tour offered by A La Carte™ Italy Tours is a suggested itinerary with departure in Florence and arrival in Rome, which has a duration of 10 days. If you prefer the itinerary to be run from Rome, it is possible too.

This tour explores central and western Italy, with escorted guided excursions in the Florence, Rome, and Naples areas. The Amalfi Coast, Mt. Vesuvius, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa are all visited on this tour, and a private local guide provides insightful commentary in Naples.italy luxury private tour guide Tuscany, Lazio and Campania are the Italian regions crossed on this tour.

As all our tours, this privately guided and chauffeured tour in Italy can be redesigned to suit your specific interests, needs or timeframe. Unless you wish otherwise, your guide will take you to:

Florence - San Gimignano - Chianti - Siena - Pisa - Lucca - Tarquinia Tivoli - - Vatican - Naples Capri - Positano - Amalfi - Mt Vesuvius - Herculaneum - Rome

Tuscany Map of Italy outlining the Central Tour
Explore the iconic Camp Square in Siena with your personal guide

Central Italy Tour - 10 Day Itinerary
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Suggested itinerary with departure from Florence and arrival in Rome
sedan 2 travelers porter rollers Your very own chauffeur picks you up from Florence airport (pick up from Rome, and transfer to Florence, are also possible). The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore is our departure point for the city of Florence walking tour. It is Florence's cathedral. It is made of marble of various colors. Its building started in 1296. Nearby, the 14th century Palazzo Vecchio is a fortress-shaped town hall. It is located on the Piazza della Signoria square. The Loggia della Signoria is located on the same square. It features allegorical figures, a statuary and wide arches that were admired by Michelangelo. Next door, there is also a copy of Michelangelo's David. The original can be seen at the Accademia Gallery. We'll also have a look at the Basilica di Santa Croce (Basilica of the Holy Cross) with the with tomb of Michelangelo. 3 nights in Florence / Fiesole / Chianti area.
  • L D A*

Visit Florence, the birthplace of the renaissance. Be personally guided through Florence, and visit the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, an iconic cathedral built from luxurious coloured marble. Visit the nearby 14th century Loggia Della Signoria and view the renaissance architecture of its allegorical figures, and wide arches
San Gimignano:
2 travelers guide3 Travel to the famous Tuscan hills and Chianti wine birthplace. Your A La Carte Italy Tours chauffeur takes you on a private discovery of this heritage area. Greve is a town in the Chianti area. It has an "out the beaten track" feel, although it is only 20 miles away from Florence. There is a Franciscan monastery, and a square that is actually... triangular in shape (not a very common occurrence on the Old Continent). Nearby, the tiny hilltop village of Montefioralle dates back to 931 AD. It is famous for its wines. After a typical lunch, travel to San Gimignano. The cathedral was built in 1148 and has breathtaking frescoes in the Siena style. The village had 70 odd tower-houses (some as high as 150 feet) as symbols of the wealth and power of their ancestral owners. In the past, other towns of Italy also had their towers, but they have mostly been destroyed; San Gimignano has preserved 14 of its towers. The village in its current form dates back to the 10th century AD, although it has much older origins dating back to pre-historic times. Your A La Carte Italy Tours guide will take you on a walk that includes the Piazza della Cisterna. It is the historic and commercial center of town. The Torre del Diavolo and Torri Ardinghelli towers, the octagonal cistern, and the torture museum are all within that square. Relax in a café, walk to catch more sights, or learn the infinite stories of the area. 2nd night in Florence / Fiesole / Chianti area.
  • B L D A*

Private tour of the medieval, walled village of San Gimignano. Your tour of the village of San Gimignano will allow you to experience the luxurious 14th century frescoes that decorate the Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta, and the Torre del Diavo and Torri Ardinghelli towers, which stand in the Piazza Della Cisterna.
san gimignano 2 travelers guide Traveling to Pisa and its Leaning Tower, yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your private A La Carte™ Italy Tour guide will point out the wonders of the Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square), baptistery and cemetery. The Leaning Tower is in fact a bell tower next to the church. It began leaning early after the construction in 1173, because the foundations had been improperly prepared. Your A La Carte Italy Tours minivan takes you then to Lucca, a city dating back to the Etruscan times. Lucca is famous for its walls that surround the historic part of the city. You will have the opportunity to explore the Cathedral, the Church of San Michele in Foro, the Guinigi Tower. This tower was built for the Guinigi family in 14th century. It has gothic style windows. A distinct feature are the oak trees growing on the roof. It was a tradition to plant oak tres on rooftops, but few of these roofs (understandably!) survived so many centuries. 3rd night in Florence / Fiesole / Chianti area.
  • B L D A*

View the famous, 11th century leaning tower of Pisa. In Pisa, be guided through the Piazza del Duomo where you can view its four medieval monuments- the cathedral, the cemetery, the baptistery, and the iconic leaning tower.
two travelers guide minivan colosseum Short trip to Siena with your A La Carte Italy Tours private minivan. See the famous medieval Piazza del Campo. The famous Palio is held here twice a year (2 July and 16 August). Admire the Palazzo Pubblico (public palace) built in 1297, and its unusual secular frescoes. Learn the history of Siena Cathedral, with its interesting horizontal lines of light and dark marble. Comfortable drive to Tarquinia. Visit Museo Nazionale Tarquiniam, Necropolis and Ara della Regina. The Etruscan necropolises and their tombs allow us to learn about this ancient civilisation older than the Romans. Transfer to Rome and 3 nights in Rome area.
  • B L D A*

Be guided through the Etruscan Necropolis of Tarquinia. Visit Monterozzi, the Necropolis of Tarquinia, and view the early Etruscan residential architecture of its 6000 graves and 200 ancient painted tombs, which date back as far as the 7th century BC.
sedan 2 travelers guide sea Enjoy a full day in Rome with the expert guide of A La Carte™ Italy Tour. The Roman Coliseum (also called Colosseum or, in Italian, Colosseo) was built in 70 AD. It is an amphitheater. It could originally seat 80,000 people. It was used for gladiatorial games and other large scale shows in Roman times. Nearby, the Fori Imperiali (Roman Forum) is a group of contemporary temples' and basilicas' ruins. The Arch of Constantine is younger: built in 315 AD. Your A La Carte Italy Tours private guide will talk at length about its artwork and relief panels. The Palatine Hill is the next stop on our walk. The legend says that the Lupercal was located here. The Lupercal is the cave where Romulus and Remus, the mythological founders of Rome, were found by the female wolf that nursed them. See the Bocca della Verita ("Mouth of Truth"). According to popular belief, if you place your hand in the mouth of this face carving and say a lie at that time, your fingers will be chopped off! Your walk takes you later to the Capitol Square (Campidoglio). It is a group of Museums on top of the Capitoline Hill. It is said that the first Romans settled the city from here in prehistoric times. The current Renaissance style buildings were mostly designed by Michelangelo. Your travel in time continues as we walk to the Trevi Fountain. This baroque construction dates back to 1732, but is fed by a much older canal, which is over 2,000 years old. Climb the Spanish Steps, so named because they led a small Spanish enclave in Rome. In the evening, enjoy some typical Roman foods in one of the gourmet restaurants hand-picked by A La Carte Italy Tours. 2nd night in Rome.
  • B L D A*

The Roman Colosseo, one of the most impressive sights of Italy. Experience a personally guided tour of the Roman Coliseum; an expansive amphitheatre built in 70 AD. View the nearby, ancient remains of the Roman forum, then continue on to Palatine hills where you can see the legendary Bocca Della Verita.
minivan 2 travelers guide pisa A visit to Rome would not be complete without traveling to the Vatican. The world's smallest state is a Roman enclave. St Peter's Square had been designed by Bernini. It took 120 years to build the Basilica. It is now one of the holiest sites in the world. According to tradition, St Peter (one of the twelve apostles of Jesus) is buried here. Michelangelo's Pieta, a sculpture showing the body of Jesus held his mother Mary after the crucifixion, is displayed here. Your A La Carte™ Italy Tour guide takes you on a private visit to the Vatican Museums where pieces of art accumulated by popes over the ages are on display. The Sistine Chapel, with its ceiling painted Michelangelo, is the most famous part of these Museums. Your personal A La Carte Italy Tours minivan takes you to the Villa d'Este in Tivoli. It was built in the 16th century and remains exemplary of Italian building and garden design. Over a hundred fountains, balconies, terraces and a grotto are some of the features of these heritage gardens. A short trip away is the Villa Adriana - Hadrian's Villa. Built in the 2nd century AD it is, in fact, a group of 30 houses. Hadrian, who was very well traveled, used designs spotted during his travels to Greece or Egypt. Many sculptures had been found on site. One of them is the famous Discobolus, a discus thrower. 3rd night in Rome area.
  • B L D A*

Experience a private tour of Vatican city; the smallest state in the world. Visit Vatican city and enjoy a private tour of its historic landmarks including the renaissance architecture of the 16th Century Basilica of Saint Peter, the luxurious Vatican palace, and Michelangelo's famous Sistine Chapel ceiling.
sedan 2 travelers guide trees On the way to Naples, let's stop at Montecassino and visit the Abbey and National Archaeological Museum. This is where the Benedictine order started. In 1944, the Battle of Monte Cassino took place here, and 74,000 soldiers died. Reach Naples in time for lunch. This is the city where pizza originates from; so lunch may be in an authentic pizzeria. The Castel Nuovo is a fortress by the Mediterranean Sea. It was built in 1282. The Teatro di San Carlo is the oldest opera house in Europe (1737). The Piazza del Plebiscito offers interesting views of the church of San Francesco di Paola and the Royal Palace (18th century). Ascend the Hill of Posillipo with view over the Bay of Naples and Parco Virgiliano with splendid views and a cascading fountain. Finally, your A La Carte™ Italy Tour guide will talk about the Amphitheatre of Flavius (one of the largest in Italy). 3 nights in Positano.
  • B L D A*

Tour Naples, the third largest city in Italy. Your custom personal tour travels to Naples, the birthplace of pizza. Experience an authentic pizzeria. Then, view famous landmarks including the 1282 Castel Nuovo, and the oldest opera house in Europe; the Teatro di San Carlo.
mountains lake birds 2 travelers guide Catch a boat to Capri island. From the Marina Piccola, your personal A La Carte Italy Tours guide will lead you to the Belvedere of Tragara. The beauty of this island is so intense, that many novelists were inspired to include it into their stories. Weather and tide permitting, we'll boat to the Blue Cave. Also, a visit to the Villa San Michele is scheduled; it offers panoramic views of the Bay of Naples. Afternoon ferry back to Positano. 2nd night in Positano.
  • B L D A*

The beauty of Capri has been written about by many novelists. Experience a private tour of Capri island and view luxurious beach resorts and shops alongside a beautiful landscape and remains of ancient architecture, including the Blue Grotto sea cave, and the ruins of Imperial Roman villas.
sedan mountain lake 2 travelers guide The Amalfi Coast is mainly made of rocky cliffs. Travel on the Amalfi Coast. Your guide will show the Duomo Sant' Andrea (11th century). A stroll through the narrow streets of Amalfi will lead us to the Diocesan Museum. See also Vettica Maggiore village. Let A La Carte Italy Tours surprise you with a fantastic lunch. Drive to the Vallone di Furore Gorge and enjoy the local limoncello, a lemon liqueur made with lemons grown on the Amalfi Coast. 3rd night in Positano.
  • B L D A*

Your trip to Amalfi will allow you to experience a range of medieval architecture. Travel along the rocky coastline of Amalfi and visit the the 11th century Duomo Sant' Andrea. Tour the Diocesan museum and view its range of artworks from the Middle Ages through to the twentieth century including the Ivories of Salerno; an expansive collection of stained glass tablets.
2 travelers guide 1 suitcase Travel to ancient Greek settlement Herculaneum founded by Hercules. It was destroyed at the same time as Pompeii, but offers more compact sightseeing, with less crowds. A pyroclastic flow killed most of the residents, but preserved houses for us to understand the life in 79 AD. In your A La Carte Italy Tours minivan, let your driver show you the views from the slopes of Mt Vesuvius, before heading back to Rome airport. This is the end of your "Central Italy Tour".
  • B L*

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage listed town of Herculaneum. Your private tour of the archaeological ruins of the town of Herculaneum will allow you to imagine what life was like for the ancient Romans. View the remains of the atrium, bath houses, and villas that were destroyed by the volcanic pyroclastic flows of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD.
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